About AWE’s work

our work


Awe is always busy with educating but in two different ways.
educating children worldwide with the aaf innovation club &
educating people in the global south how to start a social business.
All to change the course of the problems around the world, on site and from a distance.

Only together we can change the course of the world.

social impact power

We educate and empower globally to increase social businesses and decrease problems. Let’s focus on independence, local ownership and long term change.

all about the future

with our innovation club we connect children, we let them think about problems around the world and how they can change them step by step. j


In 2016 Pratima decided she wanted to take her volunteer work to the next level. Since then Pratima and some fellow students have teamed up in their free time. They travel to remote areas to act upon the problems she personally experienced while growing up in Achham. They started to spread Educational Health Kits which educate children about hygiene and give them the products to also apply the knowledge themselves at home.

With the mission trips the EHK team is striving for development all around Nepal by educating the next generation. In remote areas but also in the capital city; Kathmandu. They go to the primary schools or homes in Nepal with the mission to educate and supply the children.
To change their future.