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Review & Preview

It became a year to remember. The pandemic had an impact on the world and on us. On a scale we could never imagine. We all had to make sacrifices small or big.

Sometimes it felt like the worst time to give AWE the start that I hoped for. The global pandemic luckily did not stop AWE from kicking off. Online based and without any need to travel we called, emailed and zoomed ourselves through the year. 

With the campaign for the Educational Health Kits Project in Nepal the dutchies showed their generosity. Within a month we raised enough money to complete a mission where 300 Educational Health Kits could reach the children in Nepal. An amount founder Pratima was amazed about. Around the same time the first creation: AWE X Lisa Weeda went live. Nine stories about de PPG Favela in Rio de Janeiro. The collection that shows the multiple sides of a world that is unknown to many of us was read by loades and made our two dreams reality. AWE was able to support and engage people. 

Then our first COVID hiccup hit us. EHK founder Pratima is still patiently waiting for the moment she can spread the 300 kits, but for now life has been paused in Nepal to avoid the virus to grow. Click here to learn more about the project and Nepal right now.

“To everybody who has contributed to AWE this past year,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” 

Now we are ready for 2021. At the end of 2020 we took our time to look critically at ourselves. What can we improve? What are the next steps to take?

In 2020 my biggest goal and dream became reality. AWE came to stand on it’s two feet, doing what was planned. It was designed out of the will to give, tell and support as honest, efficient and truthfully as possible. All gathered under the name of my grandmother Awe. 

By continuously working on our concept, we define the change we want for our next generation more and more. Multiple volunteers joined the team, the next creation is being designed and the AWE support is being completely redesigned. All to make sure that The Next Generation Development Plan will become and stay a reality. 

To everybody who has contributed to AWE this past year with money, knowledge, time or enthusiasm: I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. May we keep empowering and inspiring people across the globe and create next generation development where engagement and empowerment is the standard. 

With every step we took in 2020 and every step coming, we are thinking for the long run, for the future, for the next generation. 

Written by Iris Ferwerda, founder of the AWE Foundation. 

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