The Mission of AWE

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The famous saying; Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime” is how the whole development world should work. 

Sadly this is far from the reality. Although development is changing, still lots of non-profits deliver their free goods and western ideas to communities all over the global south. The end result is a negative influence on the local economy and no local ownership over the project which results into an extreme waste of money and time by people who only intended to do good. 

“We ask the local projects how we can help to stabilize and empower them.”

By believing in the knowledge of the locals and listening to their ideas and needs, useful support can be provided. We ask the local projects how we can help to stabilize and empower them. Together we create a plan for support.  Support that empowers the communities for more than a lifetime. Support that creates stability in projects with complete local ownership to impact the children and young adults. To impact the future.

AWE is supporting but also creates awareness. We invite you to see what happens in the world. No need to travel because AWE is bringing the stories to you. By telling stories from all over the world through art, photography, literature and publications we create awareness and enable you to learn about their lives. The lives of people that deserve a spotlight. Which will give you a small peek into the differences or resemblances  between your life and theirs. Connect with AWE & Connect with the world.

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