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How is Nepal doing?

On the 27th of May our first campaign went live for the Educational Health Kits Project in Nepal. A Project started by Pratima Saud, a young woman from Nepal. From the age of 9, Pratima lived in a children’s home in Kathmandu and she is currently studying for her bachelor degree to become a nurse.

Since 2016 Pratima and some fellow students have been traveling to remote areas in their free time. They act upon the problems she personally experienced while growing up. How? With the Educational Health Kits. These kits educate children about personal hygiene and give them the necessary products to also apply the knowledge at home.

When asking Pratima about the project she said: “What I believe is, we are born with the great purpose, not to simply eat and die. Let’s make a difference and a positive influence”. 

Since the start of our collaboration and the pandemic, we have stayed in close contact with Pratima. The possibilities to give out the Educational Health Kits to new children was impossible due to all the schools being closed. Pratima left Kathmandu and lived in the village where she was born to stay with her father. After 8 months the lockdown in Nepal got less strict. Life is slowly getting back to normal. Shops are open again, schools and universities have started. They are free to go out and about. Pratima is back in Kathmandu and looking for the right opportunity to start a new mission. We are all excited for the mission to happen, together we try to practice our patience and wait for the right timing. It depends on her free time and ability to travel. We all hope that the wait will be rewarded in 2021 with an amazing mission where we can see 300 happy faces and educate them about the importance of taking care of your body. 

Pratima and the AWE team are extremely thankful for everybody that contributed to the Educational Health Kits Project. We hope to share the results of a beautiful mission with you rather sooner than later.  

Written by Iris Ferwerda, founder of the AWE Foundation