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About the Educational Health Kits

This is Pratima. Founder of the Educational Health Kits Project.

The first project that the AWE Foundation supported is the Educational Health Kits Project in Nepal founded by Pratima Saud. A young girl striving to expand the knowledge about hygiene among children. We are in awe by her visions and are excited to support her during her journey. 

 The Educational Health Kits Project was started by Pratima Saud. A young woman from Nepal with lots of dreams and visions. Born in Achham, one of the rural districts of Nepal she is fully aware of the situations in Nepal. The village she grew up in is very underdeveloped. People are living in poor conditions. There is a lack of health facilities, good education and nutritious food in this district. The illiterate rate is 67.9 % which shows the outcomes of the lack of good education. 

From the age of 9, Pratima lived in a children’s home in Kathmandu. The sunshine children home gave her the opportunity to get basic needs, good quality education and she is currently studying for her bachelor degree to become a nurse. 

In 2016 Pratima decided she wanted to take her volunteer work to the next level. Since then Pratima and some fellow students have teamed up in their free time. They travel to remote areas to act upon the problems she personally experienced while growing up in Achham. They started to spread Educational Health Kits which educate children about hygiene and give them the products to also apply the knowledge themselves at home. 


With the mission trips the EHK team is striving for development all around Nepal by educating the next generation. In remote areas but also in the capital city; Kathmandu. They go to the primary schools across or homes in Nepal with the mission to educate and supply the children and thereby change their future.


"What I believe is, we are born with the great purpose, not to simply eat and die. Lets make a difference and a positive influence" .
Pratima Saud
Founder of EHK Project





The AWE Foundation supports this young project in Nepal financially but we also talk together with Pratima about future possibilities regarding her project. Her visions and dreams for the future shows that this is only the beginning. Let’s give her the support and spotlight she deserves. Give her the ability to change lives, empower the next generation and make Nepal more aware of hygiene by supporting the Educational Health Kits! 

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Laura, chairwoman of the supervisory board, lived in Nepal in 2013 where she worked in a children home. During that time Pratima was living there and until today there has been close contact between the two. They even met again in 2015, when the foto included was taken. While searching for a fitting project to support we called Pratima. When you find the same visions during a conversation the choice is simple, this project is the one. So let’s help. Donate today.