Vacancy Management Volunteer


The AWE Foundation supports & creates to empower development of the next generation in the global south. Not taking matters into our own hands but giving opportunities and spotlights. How? By supporting projects to make impact & telling stories to educate people about topics. Because development is not about giving and receiving, it is about understanding. We want people to learn, support and engage with the world. ​

AWE is looking for a Management volunteer for 4-16 hours a week. As a start-up non-profit AWE is a very small team. As a management volunteer you will step into a multi discipline, remote working and flexible position.  You will be brainstorming about Project Support, Creations and the overall activities of AWE. You will create content for social media and the website, design campaigns and whatever comes up and you feel like taking on. We are looking for someone who gets excited about development work, feels at home at a start-up and gets enthusiastic about all AWE stands for. Are you excited to help and engage with the world? 

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