What we do

what we do

AWE is on a mission to change the course of the world.
Where world problems get bigger and the real connection is lost.
AWE creates a worldwide increase of businesses to locally solve problems, raise awareness about the status of the world, but especially to really look at each other, to listen to what is needed.


our model

Our model has three steps. Step one is to raise awareness through stories and lesson kits. Step two is to empower the global south by giving them education and support to start social businesses that have a positive impact on their surroundings. And lastly, we create a movement where we change the course of the problems by changing the way we empower and cooperate with the global south.

1. raising awareness
We raise awareness among the next generation by educating them on the world and the problem it’s facing. We do this through lesson kits and sharing stories.
2. social impact support
Empower and educate people to start businesses that creates efficient and long-term change in their community.
3. creating a movement 
We strive for a different approach on development work. get People to actively think about the long-term goal when donating to charity. But most of all to change the way we empower and cooperate with the global south.

why our work matters

What I believe is, we are born with a greater purpose, not to simply eat and die. Lets make a difference and a positive influence.

AWE’s changemaker: Pratima, Nepal

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